Our Lessons

Nona’s approach to teaching, in many ways, be described as holistic. She appreciates the individual needs of each student and offers nurturing, creative learning enviroment for students of all ages. Those students who need extra help are given it and those with ability are encouraged to shine.

Nona studied at one of the world’s finest music institutions, Russian Academy of Music (Gnessin Institute) in Moscow , so she offers piano teaching of the highest guality with a combination of strong European traditions with clear understanding of the Australian artistic world.

Music is an essential part of any culture and plays a vital role in the development of well-rounded individual .Nona hopes her students will come to share her love of music.

Piano lessons are given on individual basis:
Lessons can be as short as 20 min for young beginners for a first few months, then usually 30 min.

When students move to intermidiate level Gr 4 and above 45 min lessons are recommended, and gr6 and above 1 hr lessons.

We encourage parents involvment with childs practice and for a first few years parents are adviced to attend lessons and take notes or record some of the lessons so they could help child at home Parents expected to purchase music books that teacher suggests, and some material will be provided by the teacher.