Our Testimonial

Ms Berter's musical skills are outstanding. As an accompanist she is sympathetic, generous and responsive. As a teacher of piano she is methodical, professional and patient. Ms Berter takes great care that her students are well prepared for examinations and feel a strong sense of support and encouragement. Her students' examination results have been cosistently outstanding as a result.

Paul Scott Willams

Nonna was my son Rahul's first music teacher, who gave Rahul the roots of clasical piano at the early age of 6. It was Nonna who encouraged rahul to participate in piano competitions from the age of 7. Rahul achieved A+ in most of his music exams and completed licentiate of music at the early age of 15. This could not have been possible without Nonna's support and teachining as also respecting rahul's individual artistic talent and musicianship. Thank you Nonna for giving Rahul the joy of learning classical paino expecially performing Chopin's music

Lorraine Lobo

Nonna's playing is characterized by outstanding technical facility, as would be expected from a pianist trained in Moscow. It is also obvious from her playing that she has an empathy for and understanding of the crucial role sensitive, musical and where appropriate, dynamic piano accompaniment place in quality music performance, wheather it be with young inexperienced musicians or professional performers.

Rodney Ford